REVERB_REVIEWS: Zachary Gray ‘Night Hustle‘ EP

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The Night Hustle LP is a Long Play, even if it’s only available as a digital album. One could call this synthwave, or ambient, though it’s also process-driven art. It’s pretty exciting to hear interesting and captivating things on here like numbers stations, and cassette warping used as samples or even effects to the music itself.

It’s a mix of analog and electronic techniques, blending together in a clear, and somehow damp sound. Gray uses a full spectrum of soundscapes and clips without resorting to distorted screeching. You can really hear all the layers, weaved together, with or without headphones. It’s a complex odyssey, yet very coherent.

He uses fresh, clean drum samples to make attention grabbing, shifting beats, over his heavily affected and toned keyboards. Akira Yamaoka fans in particular should enjoy this, because it hits that crazy spot right between spooky, yet somehow comforting, and instinctually personal. Although, this music is considerably more funky, and accessible than Yamaoka.


Zachary Gray is on the local label ‘A Person Disguised As People,’ and his music is available on Bandcamp. Take a look, and you’ll find a whole scene of new styles, and new artists, right at our doorstep. The Night Hustle LP is truly a piece to behold.

Zachary Gray has traveled the world, entrancing its citizens with his soundscapes. Follow his journey on social media and get immersed with his Bandcamp.

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