LDN_REVERB - 'Virginia Is For Lovers', a look inside Carly Thomas's new single

REVERB_REVIEWS: Carly Thomas “Virginia is for Lovers” single

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Carly Thomas is no stranger to the London music scene and the international scene as a whole. With absorbing lyrics and a voice that pierces your soul, she’s back with “Virginia is for Lovers”. Behind every great song, there’s usually a story of equal measure. Find out more about her poignant, new single here.

LDN_REVERB - 'Virginia Is For Lovers', a look inside Carly Thomas's new singleTo understand the song, it’s best to have an understanding of Carly, which is a story in and of itself. She was born in Thailand and raised in Argentina. Before long, her life and travels would take her from Asia to Europe and, eventually, North America.

Her heart beats fire and musicianship pumps through her veins with burning conviction. The sum of her cultural experience as an individual and the over-twenty years as an accomplished musician are widely reflected in her music. Always challenging conventions, you’re able to hear trace elements in her music that span across an array of genres, but manifests itself in a totally genuine way.

‘Virginia Is For Lovers’

Describing her single, Carly likens it to being an ‘in-between’ love song. “Sometimes you need to take off, find peace, and realize that some of the most valuable lessons are learned when we only have ourselves to answer to,” she reveals.

The inspiration from the song came from a hard breakup. She traveled to Richmond, Virginia afterwards to visit a friend. During her time, Carly noticed many of the state license plates featured the slogan, Virginia Is For Lovers. “I fell in love with the simplicity of that motto. I am not broken. I am a lover. I have loved and will love throughout my life. The song itself touches on gaining the forward momentum of gradually realizing one’s inner strength. “I’m grateful for the experience, and found peace in the constant movement of this life,” she further explains.

The Process

Seeing our efforts come to fruition is one of the most enriching rewards we, as individuals, can experience. Just like any of us, Carly Thomas shares these notions. “One of my favourite things is witnessing a song come to life. I enjoy the first baby steps of when I take it to my band and we find the heartbeat of it,” says Carly. It’s safe to say the pulse was found in this track, and exemplified with powerful emotion.

The single was recorded live off the floor at Sugar Shack, which Carly describes as being an entirely different animal, having learned a lot from the process. “It takes a team of people who are great at what they do, and it helps when really it’s all a bunch of friends in a room making music”. Joining Carly in the studio are: Chris McCready (electric guitar), Deni Gauthier (bass), Christine Newland (cello), John Huff (drums), as well as Hillary Watson & Renée Coughlin (on backing vocals).

2019 is sure to be a big year for the local performer. She has plans to release a new cover single next week. Furthermore, she’ll also be releasing an extended play, and a new album (her fourth to date) soon thereafter. In the meantime, you can catch Carly Thomas on the Fiztray stage this Saturday for JUNOfest – details below.

Show Details

Saturday, March 16, 2019
Fitzray’s, 110 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G1
8:00pm | Licensed / 19+
Featuring: POESY, Ferraro, Kasador and Ben Heffernan

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