Solarus talks new album, fun stuff and future plans (Part 1: The Review)

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Hard-hitting and concise, A Dance With Tragedy is Solarus’s strongest release to date.

Releasing on December 17th, A Dance With Tragedy is the third entry by London, Ontario melodic metal ensemble, Solarus. And, dare I say, it’s the band’s sharpest sounding entry so far!

Following their previous efforts, 2017’s Reunion and 2019’s Darkest Days, 2021’s A Dance With Tragedy picks up where the band left off, but with something more.

There’s an undeniable sense of cohesion present on this album that, I wouldn’t say was missing from past releases, it just seems more pronounced this time around.

Lucas McArthur’s orchestral arrangements dance as beautifully as ever across the thunderous foundation of their music, and his solos flail with unyielding conviction. Matching pace are Troy Longe’s crushing riffs. Sarah Dee’s angelic vocals and harmonies soar evermore, with crystalline clarity.

Solarus: (from left to right) Chris Demelo, Lucas McArthur, Sarah Dee, Daniel Gebzcynski and Troy DeLonge
Credit: Jeremy Tredenick

What I find truly remarkable, within the band’s overarching sound, is the inclusion of Chris Demelo and Daniel Gebzcynski, on drums and bass, respectively. Not only did they join the ranks of Solarus during one of the most uncertain times in recent history, but their integration is seamless. Both new members deliver astounding performances in their respective roles.

A Dance With Tragedy more than hits the mark, creating the most fleshed-out, definitive version of the band to date.

As stated by lead guitarist and songwriter, Lucas McArthur, Solarus is a band that thrives on progression, and this album has it in spades. Despite the pandemic and lineup changes, the ensemble smashes expectations in this regard. Beyond sharpening their respective crafts, the album also features a finer polish in terms of production value.

Beyond growth and refinement in terms of songwriting, the inclusion of The Agonist’s Vicky Psarakis on the title track, “A Dance With Tragedy”, is a testament to how far they’ve come. Not to mention the soul-sweeping potency of their lead single, “Guiding Light”. Perhaps the most enthralling track, to me anyway, is “Everbound”, which is a defining example of everything Solarus stands for, condensed into a single song.

A Dance With Tragedy bleeds passion and energy. It pulsates like the heartbeats that made this effort possible. With the odds stacked against them, there are no misfires on this release — it more than hits its mark.

A Dance With Tragedy, releasing at Rum Runners on December 17th, more than hits the mark, creating the most fleshed-out, definitive version of themselves to date!

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