LDN_Reverb Leanne Mayer Bittersweet Remedy EP review

REVERB_REVIEWS: Leanne Mayer ‘Bittersweet Remedy‘ EP

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LDN_Reverb Leanne Mayer Bittersweet Remedy EP review

Employment specialist, mom, musician and all-around wonderful soul, Leanne Mayer’s been busy tending to all facets of life. Maybe it’s a culmination of her experiences, but she has an entrancing ability to pull you in, then envelope you in her amazing voice and emotionally-driven sounds. This is backed by her signature black ukulele, of course!

Leanne is no stranger to the music scene, having been involved with the craft for quite some time. You may know her from her previous band, Hollow Romance. She began embarking on a solo career in the last two years, which has seen her make incredible moves. Her name is constantly recurring in the local music circuit, and justly so!

With a smashing release celebration in her hometown of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, a few weeks back, there’s good reason for you London folk to rejoice. Her debut EP, Bittersweet Remedy, is releasing on November 17th at the London Music Hall Of Fame ballroom and it’s going to be quite an occasion!

Now, this is a tough one to label with a specific genre. It has prominent jazzy undertones accompanied by a beautifully unique blend of show tune cabaret with a smooth lounge vibe. It’s all pulled together with Leanne’s soaring voice and trademark ukulele. When asked how she describes her music, she replied, “That is my biggest challenge, describing the music. It’s some kind of soulful lounge pop but I’m not sure what specific genre it would fall into”. Is it hard to imagine? Well, that’s all the more incentive to experience it for yourself!

The EP takes off with “Afterglow”, a heartfelt track fixated on heartbreak. Full of atmosphere, it almost creates a narrative of a contemplative someone staring through a martini glass, assessing his or her emotions. In essence, it’s a familiar assessment we’ve all faced, narrative aside, making this song warm and instantly relatable.

The second song, “Renegade”, feels like a flip side to the first song, both lyrically and instrumentally. With a healthy splash of big band in the sound, it lends a sense of courage and retribution. It illustrates the bravery of cutting ties with toxic individuals and the strength to push through knowing that better things are ahead. It’s a nice, swingin’ bopper of a listen!

Choosing a track at random, “Whatever Will Be”, puts Leanne’s ukulele at the forefront of the instrumental arrangement, backed with a smooth tenor sax. It speaks to both our acceptance of what life will bring and our will to persevere over our trials and tribulations in a totally honest way. Are you feeling like life’s giving you a tumble? Give this song a spin and you’ll be on your way to a sunny smile in no time!

Front to back, the EP and Leanne’s style are both fresh, soothing and unsaturated. No one else is really doing what she’s doing and that’s a great thing. Backed by a full band, rich with emotion and beautiful arrangements, Bittersweet Remedy is definitely an offering not to be missed. Help support this spectacular musician and her music by securing your copy on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. Better yet, come to her show on November 17th (London Music Hall Of Fame ballroom) and pick up a shiny, new physical copy for yourself!

This is an incredible first entry and forray into Leanne Mayer’s solo career. It’ll be amazing to see what she has in store for us next. Don’t miss a step, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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