REVERB_REVIEWS: World's Grasp 'No Time For That'

REVERB_REVIEWS: World’s Grasp ‘No Time For That’ EP

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REVERB_REVIEWS: World's Grasp 'No Time For That'

Lace up the combat boots and rock your favourite band patch-laden jean vests! World’s Grasp, will get your adrenaline pumping with a unique blend of thrash, punk and old school hardcore. If you’re looking for an album to mosh out to, here’s why you should look no further than their debut EP, No Time For That!

The term ‘slam‘ is thrown around a lot lately, particularly in the metal scene. World’s Grasp aren’t metal, but they sure do slam. In the traditional sense; this is the kind of music that just begs for a real mosh pit.

REVERB_REVIEWS: World's Grasp 'No Time For That'

The group comprises of Tommy Wood (vocals / guitar), Blaine Kuzemczak (bass) and Simon Kaarid (drums). Fans of the old school will, beyond a doubt, enjoy the raw, aggressive, 80’s style hardcore approach. Even so, this is a new breed in the way they feature 90’s style breakdowns, with quick vocals, which push this band squarely into the post, post punk era.

There are fast moments, but more slow moments as well, and it doesn’t make things boring at all. Opposite other bands that attempt the style, their breakdowns are full of texture, and take the time to really push the vocals up front. It’s a little metal, but not really meant to inspire head banging. This is a total mosher!

Feel the Grasp!

World’s Grasp deal with serious subject matter, just like those old bands. Even the titles, like ‘Bad For Yourself’ or ‘Cold Hearted,’ give you a good idea of what this is. The punk perspective; frustrations and ideas that directly show you the writer’s world view, and what they deal with.

The production here is a particular kind of clean. The balance is great. It brings out all the instruments, with vocals you can actually understand. But it’s still stripped down, with no reverb, no effects, just the band popping out of the speakers; something akin to the classic 7 inches of the genre, like pre-Rollins era Black Flag or Minor Threat.

These songs, while hard, are catchy and memorable in an ineffable way. The 80s vibs is undeniable, but the songs themselves have something in common with the best 90s hardcore bands. These guys would fit right in with the west coast scene, specifically California and the 924 Gilman crowd.

They’re playing a show at Rum Runners, so come out for some old school, badass fun (details below)!

Show Details

Thursday, April 4, 2019
Rum Runners, 176 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G7
8:00pm | Licensed / All-Ages
Featuring: Dead Tired, Strange Ways, Junko Daydream

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