REVERB_REVIEWS: Ty Flies ‘Stolen Words, Broken Hearts and Love‘ EP

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Life is a story. As our own authors, we’re perpetually drawing chapters to a close only to begin writing new ones. Through trials and tribulations, adversity and absolution, Ty Flies shares glimpses of his story through his first chapter: Stolen Words, Broken Hearts and Love.

When asked what Stolen Words, Broken Hearts and Love means to him, Tyler Gammon (his actual name)  reveals that this project is meant to symbolize his growth as a solo artist while telling a story of some recent hardships he endured. The idea of Ty Flies came to be when he decided to focus on his personal development as a musician. His intentions couldn’t be made more clear with this release.

Stolen Words, Broken Hearts and Love features a talented roster of local punk rockers, each fulfilling a particular role within the EP’s sound. Everything from Curt Murder’s distinctive wail on “Don’t Wanna Wake Up” to every draw on the Dylan-esque harmonica in “Best of Me”, the additions ring through with sharpness and clarity. All these elements meld seamlessly with Ty Flies’s acoustic guitar. While fitting into the conventions of an acoustic offering, Ty’s versatility in songwriting expands these parameters, giving each track their own unique identity and atmosphere.

Ty Flies’s voice soars as he delivers a high quality blend of raw yet charming lyrics with his raspy croon — citing “World’s Number 1 Companion” as a prime example. His atypical vocal style to the genre, in conjunction with his blunt force poetry, lends itself well to the punk aesthetic, adding a befitting texture to the EP’s overall sound.

With a runtime of approximately twelve minutes, this release packs a lot of instrumental diversity and an array of local support including the aforementioned Curt Murder (solo musician), along with Lee Resistant (Lee Resistant & The Lost), Garrett Keith (Running From Daylight), among others.

Front to back, this labour of love is an excellent demonstration of Tyler Gammon’s musical growth. Given the barebones nature of the acoustic genre, his ability to expand the parameters of those conventions to create something rather genuine and sincere in the process. Without a doubt, this EP serves an open letter re-affirming his unwavering love for the craft and those closest to him.