REVERB_REVIEWS: Deni Gauthier’s entrenching new album, He Said / She Said

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Interactions and connections — these are the quintessential linchpins of human engagement. While no two people are exactly alike, we find ourselves met with alternative perspectives and points of view with those we love. These discrepancies can sometimes lead to disagreement. However, this can also lead to understanding and unification. Join St. Thomas, Ontario’s Deni Gauthier as he explores the wonderful and complex dynamics of love and relationships with his new album, He Said / She Said.

Over the years, the internationally acclaimed indie artist (having toured North America and Europe) has garnered a reputation for transcribing the complexities of the human condition into profound works of poetry. This couldn’t be more evident with He Said / She Said.

Album art for He Said / She Said, painted by Deni Gauthier

Deni Gauthier takes these perplexing dynamics and explores them with a staggering level of depth in this release. Each song, in a sense, contains a narrative revolving around the trials and tribulations of a partner’s experience within a relationship. Whether it’s in regards to doubt (“Next Line”), dementia (“He Said, She Said”) and death (“One Last Fight”), Gauthier’s ability to unravel and repackage these intricate dynamics into song is truly remarkable.

Musically, there is a lot of growth present on He Said / She Said, departing from his mostly-acoustic singer-songwriter roots and venturing confidently into the realm of indie rock. Everything you know and love about Gauthier’s craft, from gentle musical melodies to his breezy voice, is still very much present, only expanded upon.

“There’s nothing worth living for if it’s not for love.”
Deni Gauthier

Longtime Deni Gauthier fans will find much to relish in this release, and will likely be impressed by the tonal expansion. This is also an ideal release for new listeners due to its contemporary feel. “Next Line” has been featured on radio stations across Southern Ontario. A few other notable mentions would be “Find Your Own Way Home”, “Don’t Be Afraid” and “Slowly Fading”.

If there’s one sentence to sum up this album, it’s best said by the man himself: “there’s nothing worth living for if it’s not for love”. From the wisdom and emotional density of the lyrics as well as the music itself, He Said / She Said is that warm audible hug we all need when times get tough. The sheer depth and relatability of this album and its concept are totally worth exploring – let alone the rich instrumentation. For fans of folk and indie rock, this album definitely warrants a place on your playlist.

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