REVERB_REVIEWS: Chase Drew ‘It Followed Me Home‘ album

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We are a sum of our actions and experiences. Whatever we do, the resulting consequences follow us wherever we go and shape who we become in the process. Take a walk alongside Chase Drew as he chronicles his life so far in his gripping debut album, It Followed Me Home.

Released on October 5th, 2019, Chase Drew’s It Followed Me Home is described as being a collection of songs written over the years. With that in mind, each song on the album, in a sense, represents a milestone reflecting a different stage of his life, according to Chase.

“It’s about how your experiences in life follow you and shape you as a person”, the singer-songwriter states when asked about the significance of the album’s title. “They stick with you and follow you home.

A still from the music video single for “Airlines”.

Jumping in, the tone of the album is established within the first two songs, “Normal Boy” and “Speak”. From there, it opens itself up to accommodate a variety of rich arrangements which include the cello, violin, flute, percussion and more. These arrangements create a spirited atmosphere of melodies that enhance the tone of each hosting track. Examples of this are found on tracks like “Religious Experience”, “Heaven and Hell” and “Adversary”. “Running Through the World”, “Hidden in the Rain” and “For You” are rather frolicky, contrasting themselves to more wistful tracks like “Adversary”, “Airlines” (the album’s lead single, which has accrued over 50,000 views on YouTube) and “It Followed Me Home”. Like a roller coaster with its ups and downs, the album is very dynamic and it always manages to stay on track.

The theme behind this album is certainly one of progression. Interestingly enough, the album also seems to follow that same notion of progression, fleshing itself out more and more with each passing song. Lending traces of musical inspiration from Ed Sheeran and City And Colour, It Followed Me Home can be identified as an indie rock release. However, there’s a lot of diversity within this album’s sound to make it much more. Chase’s own contributions are a hallmark in their own right. His crisp, articulated vocals and harmonies ring through each song, delivering each wise and thoughtful lyric with resonating conviction. This, coupled with his ability to write wholesome and provoking music, truly distinguishes this album’s identity amongst others of its kind.

There’s a lot of wisdom and maturity presented on It Followed Me Home, both in terms of the music and its conceptual depth. While Chase Drew is just scratching the surface of his musical endeavours, it’s intriguing to wonder how more time and growth will impact the profundity of his music.

So, whether you’re in a period of self-reflection or you’re looking for an indie listen that’s easy to resonate with, put on some headphones and take a stroll to Chase Drew’s debut album, It Followed Me Home.


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