Fanshawe MIA student featured on YouTuber video through Fiverr collaboration

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Niagara region musician feautred on YouTuber channel through 'fiverr' collaboration

Have you considered listing your services on Fiverr? Many musicians are using the freelance service platform to reap a bit of side cash and, sometimes, net really interesting results. Niagara region musician and Fanshawe Music Industry Arts student, Jordan McQueen, checked his Fiverr inbox one day to discover a pretty rad offer!

YouTube is full of channels committed to musical content: songs, tutorials, covers, collaborations, demos, etc. Among these channels is Samuraiguitarist, whom you may already be aware. His channel has approximately 359K subscribers, consisting of content spanning the categories mentioned above. In this case, he created an acoustic rhythm, then enlisted the help of Fiverr musicians to create lyrics and instrumentation for the track with no further direction given from the content creator. Jordan was hired at $52.00 to provide drums for the track – an offer he gladly accepted. Since the video aired (April 18), it has garnered almost half a million views.

Jordan took the time to answer a few questions we had about being a musician on Fiverr, getting involved with Samuraiguitarist and whether offering your skills on freelance service platforms could help you, as a musician, find more opportunity.

Niagara region musician feautred on YouTuber channel through 'fiverr' collaboration
Samuraiguitarist, musical content creator on YouTube


Reverb: Are you currently in a band? If so, which band do you play in?

Jordan: Yes, I am. The band is called Madison Classic and we are all from Niagara. We have just recently released a live off-the-floor session of their entire first album (I did not feature on the first album) and will be releasing a new album hopefully in the summer. 


Reverb: How long have you been a musician?

Jordan: I have been playing drums since I was 10 so around 11-12 years.


Reverb: How did you get wind of Samuraiguitarist and become involved in this project?

Jordan: Samuraiguitarist messaged me through Fiverr and let me know about his plan to create a song using only Fiverr musicians. I was not aware of who he was at this time and it wasn’t until after I completed the order that he sent me his YouTube link and I realized how big his channel is.


Reverb: How do you feel about being featured in an influential YouTube music channel?

Jordan: It was a great opportunity to be featured on his channel, I have gotten great feedback on the video and he also linked my Fiverr account which has resulted in an increase of orders. Very grateful that he chose me to be apart of his video.

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