London death metal veterans, Blood Of Christ, unleash new album after 14 years

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The 2010s have been blessed with the return of many classic metal bands. The global metal scene is thriving and is only getting stronger. What used to be underground and independent music has become so big that it rivals mainstream metal labels. Canada, of course, has played a substantial role in this – even London!

London’s Blood Of Christ are a classic Canadian extreme metal band, starting in the 90’s, who carried a thick and blackened death metal style into the 2000’s, which musically brutalized their audiences for years. Within that time, they’ve released three albums: ‘…A Dream To Remember’ (1997), ‘As The Rain Gently Falls – Anthology II’ (2002) and ‘Breeding Chaos – Anthology III’ (2003). It’s been over 14 years since their last release and many believed the band had either broken up or went into hiatus. They want to let you know they never left, and now they’re back to storm our ears with their new album, ‘Unrelenting Declivity Of Anguish – Anthology IV’, (released on May 23 through CDN Records)!

Already gaining much attention in the global metal scene, Unrelenting Declivity Of Anguish contains a mindful mix of styles. It doesn’t feel forced like so many acts, but blends organically in a way that only those steeped in the genre could understand. The most immediate expression of this is in the instrumentation; all of them play excellently but know how to show restraint. There are many impressive guitar and bass parts from Jeff Longo and Mark Chandler respectively. At times, they move into extremely tight territory, along the lines of Necrophagist and Suffocation. But, at other times, their playing style shifts towards being laid back and loose, akin to Incantation and Monstrosity. Their sound moves into doom territory as well, accenting the atmosphere and massive, bassy tone, but keeps the overall ferocity consistent throughout the album.

The same goes for Jason Longo on drums. It’s clear, tight, fast, with lots of double kick, all without triggering the entire kit like many less experienced drummers would. It’s an impressive performance, but still organic and always suited to the music – never just for show.

Chris Gooding, a newer addition to Blood Of Christ, lends a new level of vocal brutality to the band. His lyrics are well chosen, finding that sweet spot where fresh perspectives and brutal music coexist. Each song is about something different, and is a composition, not just a collection of riffs. Take, for instance, tracks such as “Dragooned by Jupiter” and “Iron River – Conquering The Wilderness” to get a good idea. The difference may sometimes be hard to hear in the world of extreme metal, but these guys know how to do it.

Currently, there are two crushing singles in rotation to support the album: ‘Echoes of the 7th Dimension’ and their latest release, ‘Obese Legions – Fed To Ravenous Wolves’.

They’re preparing for a worldwide tour and will be sharing the stage with some of metal’s most legendary acts: Satyricon, Goatwhore, Panzerfaust, to name a few. Metal fans, come out and support this great London band. Let’s put London’s metal scene back on the map cuz’ the more heads they get banging means a bigger, better scene for all you metalheads out there!

Blood Of Christ is setting out to punish the eardrums of eager metalheads the world over. See where they’re playing and what legends they’ll be playing with on Facebook, Twitter and their web page on CDN Records!