Legacy Of Misfits

Legacy Of Misfits – A fresh, fun take on iconic punk classics

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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get them feels on! And what better way to do so than to find some nostalgic and ghoulish bangers for the occasion?

Just in time for Halloween, The Music Farm delivers their long-awaited offering: The Music Farm Presents… Legacy Of Misfits — released October 1st!

Over two years in the making, this collection of tracks from legendary shock punkers, Misfits, features an impressive roster of local (and not-so-local) artists. Members from emerging indie punk groups such as: Running From Daylight, BurnThe8Track, House Of Haunt, Lee Resistant & The Lost, Moore Ave Underground (among others) all deliver killer performances!

Orchestrated by Tyler Gammon (Hank Scorpio) and Ryan Izzard (owner and operator of The Music Farm), the compilation breathes new life into fan-favourite Misfits tracks while keeping the essence of what made the group a class act to begin with. The wide array of musicians featured on this tribute album add a new depth and element to the tonality as compared to the originals but, as I said, the essence is largely preserved, if not expanded upon!

Ryan Izzard (left) & Tyler Gammon (right)
Photo by Tyler Gammon

There’s a huge bonus — the compilation is available at a name-your-price donation on The Music Farm’s website and Bandcamp page (links below). All proceeds will be going to Sea Sheperd Conservation Society. That said, proceeds assist a great cause to ensure the preservation of our furry friends and natural wildlife the world over!

In all honesty, this compilation is totally worth the support. Not only does the talent provide its due diligence, but the recording quality is stunning — something that lacks from particular Misfits original releases. It’s a whole new way to experience songs that you know and love from an iconic punk band that… well, you know and love!

Legacy Of Misfits was produced, engineered and mixed by Ryan Izzard at The Music Farm. Siegfried Meier of Beach Road Studios handled the mastering. Finally, Tyler Gammon is the executive producer for this compilation of bangers.

Check it out in the links below!

The Music Farm Website: www.the-music-farm.com/misfits/
The Music Farm YouTube: www.youtube.com/TheMusicFarm
The Music Farm Bandcamp: www.musicfarm.bandcamp.com