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LDN_Reverb Sunshyne Doxtator

About Me

I was born and raised Alicia in the Oneida First Nation, 30kms southwest of London; the eldest of 8 siblings. Trials and tribulations of a young life led me to the streets of London where I discovered music, arts and dance and instantly knew what filled my heart.

I started off in the music scene as female emcee in the now defunct ‘Dirty Thursday’ rap battle scene. Nowadays you can find me grinding for the up and coming Youth within our music scene in my newly formed ONEIDA CYPHER SERIES – located at The London Music Hall of Fame’s ‘The Rosewood’. The Oneida Cypher Series first began in my hometown of Oneida as a means for our youth to get away from the everyday struggles of the drug and alcohol epidemic that has plagued our community for some years now. It is a way for them (the youth) to get a chance to meet artists, dancers and performers to talk with and a way for them to get a foot in the door in music, art and dance production within the London music community.

Sunshyne’s Debut

I stepped out on the scene in 2015 in a rap battle at the APK, against fellow female emcee L.O.L.A.. Us ladies filled the venue better than any male-dominated rap battle prior to us and they called for another within a month of the first. I lost both battles but-! My experience within this showed me I may not be a rap battler, but I sure loved that stage and the feeling I got from it when I gripped that mic. So, my days began as an emcee. I dusted off my book from when I was that teen out in the streets and revamped the poems I had written back then into the songs on my first album, Daddy Issues.

Favourite Things

Influences: Atmosphere, The Black Crowes, Wu-Tang Clan

Album: J. Cole – 4 Your Eyez Only

Band/Performer: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Q & A

What got you into music?

Losing custody of my children back in 2008 – I needed an outlet after I lost several months due to the abuse of prescription medications. I took up with a group called “Rezurection”, from Chippewa First Nation where they taught me how to turn my poems into barz. They also gave me the name, “Sunshyne”.

Name a venue or festival you would love to headline.

High Times Cannabis Cup

What’s one piece of advice you think everyone should have?

“Love those that hate you; ‘cause they need love too” ~ Sunshyne, “The Chosen Ones”

If you could get one celebrity (dead or alive) to listen to your music, who would it be?

Wu-Tang Clan !!

Whats your favourite word?


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