Eugene Ripper ain’t folkin’ around!

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Eugene Ripper, the acclaimed Toronto-based fast folk acoustic punk powerhouse, is ripping across Canada, stopping off at the Richmond Tavern on October 16, for the release of his 7″ “Ride The Northern Train / Deep As A Dungeon” — it’s a free show to see a legend do his thing!

Word from east coast to west coast, and from across the pond, spectators around the world are vouching for his one-of-a-kind performance. Boasting a catalogue of his own catchy tunes, the Canadian-surf-punk-pioneer-turned-acoustic-tour-de-force has in-tow a plethora of classic drinking tunes and riproarious stage banter that’ll keep you entertained, not to mention immersed!

Ripper’s style and antics are top-notch. It’s no wonder he’s shared the stage with the likes of our beloved The Tragically Hip and the almighty Spinal Tap. Not to mention, he’s played some of the biggest festivals in Canada. Eugene Ripper’s Flickr page is a staggering testimonial to his craft and what he’s bringing to the stage, detailing his salt’s worth to the folk scene, at large!

Now, Eugene and I have been speaking quite a bit about the show, and he’s asked me to pass this here video along to whet your appetite and get you in the mood for his return to London (last time he stopped by was in the 80s, so don’t miss out). You can expect to hear these, and more on when Eugene rips through town on the 16th.

Have a gander and come on out to Richmond Tavern for a set to behold — it’s free! Oh, and word is, there’s going to be a draw featuring some of his collectible merch, but you didn’t hear that from me. **wink, wink**


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