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A self-admitted music lover and caffeine addict, Ryan's passion for music and appreciation for local arts is the fuel behind this initiative. He is the owner, operator, content creator and promoter at LDN_Reverb.

REVERB_REVIEWS: The Bully Club “Triton Horn” single

Life is fragile. What is here today may be gone tomorrow. Like an unforgiving storm, it takes but a mere moment to wash all that we have away, yet the love for those we may lose in the process can be everlasting. Join London's The Bully Club as they share their riveting and emotional debut single, "Triton Horn".

REVERB_REVIEWS: Chase Drew ‘It Followed Me Home‘ album

We are a sum of our actions and experiences. Whatever we do, the resulting consequences follow us wherever we go and shape who we become in the process. Take a walk alongside Chase Drew as he chronicles his life so far in his gripping debut album, It Followed Me Home.

REVERB_REVIEWS: Sarina Haggarty “Want You So Bad” single

The idea of falling in love can sometimes be an uphill battle. It becomes perplexing as we do our best to foresee the bumps and ruts when our emotions become tethered to someone. But, at what point are we willing to put our hearts on the line and seize love for what it's worth? Lend an ear as Sarina Haggarty opens up with her evoking new single, "Want You So Bad".

REVERB_REVIEWS: Bad Bounce “Sugar and Spice” single

When life gives you lemons, what do you do? It stands to reason that we can take the bitter taste head on or, as the common expression would tell you, make lemonade. Life can be bittersweet but there is a powerful lesson to be learned in understanding what we can gain from our hardships. Gather around and listen as London’s Bad Bounce shows you the beauty in the struggle with their new single, “Sugar and Spice”.