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A self-admitted music lover and caffeine addict, Ryan's passion for music and appreciation for local arts is the fuel behind this initiative. He is the owner, operator, content creator and promoter of LDN_Reverb.

LDN_Reverb Castor Troys

REVERB_REVIEWS: The Castor Troys ‘Legends Never Die‘ EP

Have you heard of Hamilton's The Castor Troys? Well, it's about time that you do! The hard rockin' four piece from Hammer Town is on their way to London this Friday. They'll be blowing up the stage at Norma Jean's to promote their new EP, Legends Never Die!

LDN_Reverb Leanne Mayer Bittersweet Remedy EP review

REVERB_REVIEWS: Leanne Mayer ‘Bittersweet Remedy‘ EP

Employment specialist, mom, musician and all-around wonderful soul, Leanne Mayer's been busy tending to all facets of life. Maybe it's a culmination of her experiences, but she has an entrancing ability to pull you in, then envelope you in her amazing voice and emotionally-driven sounds. This is backed by her signature black ukulele, of course!