Branding 101: Websites and why your band should use one

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Bands and websites – what gives? You’ve been hearing more and more about musicians leaning towards getting a website, but why? It kinda seems like a cash grab for service providers, especially when social media is free. But there’s gotta be a reason they’re doing it. Here’s three quick reasons why having a website for your band can be more than just something pretty to look at.

Why have a website?

In this day and age, think of your website as a portfolio or digital business card. If there’s another way to look at it, think of it as your sacred space. This is where you separate yourself from the clutter and have a website that’s distinct and says something unique about you. Depending on what platform you choose, there’s hundreds of available themes, customizations, widgets and plugins to make it your own. The tools one can use to optimize its efficiency are almost limitless. It’s becomes a safe haven for your fans to go and see what you’re up to without sifting through the endless social media clutter.

What’s so special about a website?

Think of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. as a crowd of people shouting. Now think of your site as the microphone and speakers that give you a louder voice. It’s your platform to stand out and be heard above everyone else.

Your site can be the coolest marketing tool to get your band’s brand out there! It’s a Swiss Army Knife of online promotion! There’s almost no end to the possibilities (well, based on what’s accessible and/or affordable). You can host videos, pictures, tour dates, merch, newsletters, promos, contests and more. As if that weren’t enough, you can link your social media channels together, ready for your fans and audience to explore what you’re about.

There are several ultra-lite packages which offer free templates. But, keep in mind, if it’s free, most people are using it.

Why not promote on social media?

You could, and why not? Sometimes it’s the only option, especially when you’re operating on a budget stretched thin.

The two biggest problems relying only on social media is 1) you’re just a voice in the crowd and 2) social media platform content is highly regulated by algorithms.

If a website is something you’re considering, also think about this: you can use your social media platforms to guide your audience to your site and away from all the clutter.


There’s several ways to go about getting your own site underway. We’ve provided an excellent link to point you in the right direction (click here for a list of band-friendly website builders).

Most sites online, including LDN_Reverb, had to look into server space and server service providers in order to host content. You may be required to do the same. DON’T WORRY –  the cost pays for itself as you’ve given yourself a platform to boost your band and brand. We’ve also provided another awesome link to get you started (click here for a list of top web server services).

Now go forth and website!