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REVERB_REVIEWS: The Castor Troys ‘Legends Never Die‘ EP

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LDN_Reverb Castor Troys

Have you heard of Hamilton’s The Castor Troys? Well, it’s about time that you do! The hard rockin’ four piece from Hammer Town is on their way to London this Friday. They’ll be blowing up the stage at Norma Jean’s to promote their new EP, Legends Never Die!

Does the name “Castor Troy” ring a bell? Perhaps it might be because it’s based on of the infamous villain (played by Nicholas Cage) from the classic John Woo film, Face/Off.  When rationalizing the name, the band explains, “He was elegant, flamboyant and stylish, instantly likeable, while at the same time, single-minded and ruthless in his pursuit of his goals”. It’s quite befitting as their music takes the same edge as Nick Cage’s character in the film. You could even call it gunslinger rock. It’s an amalgam of folky lyrics about war heroes, bank robbers and clandestine lovers with fast, driving southern rock drenched in punk influence!

LDN_Reverb Castor Troys

Since their humble beginnings in 2013, the band released two offerings. 2016 saw their full-length debut, Come Hell Or High Water followed by the Legends Never Die EP, just released on November 9th this year. They’ve shared the stage with The Hanson Brothers, The Planet Smashers, Silverstein, IllScarlett, London’s The Matadors and, most recently, The Headstones. In addition to these accomplishments, they were finalists in the 97.7 HTZ-FM Rocksearch 2018 contest. Packed with true grit, their tracks charge into your ears with hard, twangy guitars, stomping drums and commanding gang vocals. Traces of notable groups like Social Distortion, The Offspring and Rise Against (among others) can be detected in their sound. What’s more is they’re able to borrow influential elements while sticking to their guns and coming into their own.

The Legends Never Die EP departs from their debut album and takes their sound to the next level with a tighter chemistry and production. It boasts two full-throttle singles: “Blackout Love” and the follow-up, “We Are One”. The latter single, albeit a real stomper, sounds pretty similar to a track on their first album. It could just be me so, I’ll leave it to you to investigate and decide. Other standout tracks on the EP include “Burn This City Down” and “Wreck of the Bastard”. After a listen, you’re bound to walk away with at least a few songs stuck in your head!

This Friday night is your chance to see The Castor Troys and grab an EP. They’ll be ripping it up at Norma Jean’s with Black Collar Union and All But Six. Show details and event link below:

Friday, November 16, 2018
Norma Jean’s, 1332 Huron St, London, ON N5V 1R9
Doors: 8:00PM | Show Starts: 9:00PM | Ages 19+
Featuring: The Castor Troys, Black Collar Union, All But Six

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