The Black Frame Spectacle Artist Spotlight

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After discovering The Black Frame Spectacle through a friend and listening to their music for a couple weeks, I was blown away when I found out they were a 2 piece. Consisting of Ian Sullivan on vocals/guitar and Adam McNeill on drums/backing vocals, Black Frame Spectacle’s very unique sound is so vibrant and full of energy that I didn’t miss or even notice the lack of additional band members.

The band describes themselves as “1.21 Gigawatts of Punkabilly Mayhem” and their combination of catchy garage rock guitar riffs, high energy in your face drumming and a refreshingly modern take on a vintage vocal style certainly delivers as described. Their very apparent rockabilly influence adds in rhythm that makes you want to get up and dance, while the gritty punk influence and distorted guitar tones will have you rocking out to their songs all night. The music video for their song “Bust Out the Boogie” is aptly set in an old school diner and showcases their ability to get fans up on their feet dancing.



While their older influences help to create a unique and catchy sound, don’t let that fool you, these guys are not your grandfather’s band of days gone past. They can turn it up to 11 and deliver a full dose of pure rock’n’roll that will have you head banging along. Their newest single, “Kick It Around”, is a song that I’ve had on my daily playlist since first discovering it. The song delivers super catchy vocals with atomically high energy drums and guitar that would make it my pump up song of choice for escaping any upcoming apocalypse.



If you’re as ready as I am for some more Punkabilly Mayhem from this dynamic duo The Black Frame Spectacle have you covered with their upcoming album “Kick It Around”. The album release date is set for June 16th with a release show in the Cellar Lounge at London Music Club. This is going to be an album to pick and a show you’re not going to want to miss.

Check out The Black Frame Spectacles website to find out more. Wanna rock harder? Check out their Bandcamp for some more tunes.