Take flight with London doom metal trio, The White Swan

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This is another example of London’s bubbling underground metal scene, beneath the surface reminiscent of magma, particularly when it’s the likes of local doom band White Swan. It’s the kind of bluesy, thick sound that groups such Kyuss and Electric Wizard went for, but a little bit slicker, with a very modern feel, and a few surprises.

The atmosphere of their music is fittingly thick and forlorn, but soars in an unusual way. It takes genuine emotion and taste to make a sound like this without a ton of synthesizers, and they pull it off. Guitarists will enjoy the riffing too, which is more engaging than many bands in the genre.

Metal fans who have been on the scene for some time may recognize some of the faces here. We have Kira Longeuay on bass, who released an eponymous rock album in 2015. On guitars, there’s Shane Jeffers of the Bloodmoon Collective, and Mercedes Lander of Kittie fame. Mercedes sings here too, and her vocals are largely clean with this group. It’s a little different for the genre, but harkens to its classics like Black Sabbath and their ’70s ilk, while adding a welcome melodic element without sapping any of the energy.

Their latest release is 2017’s The White, a 3 song EP available on Bandcamp with digital release, cassettes, and even vinyl! It’s their most refined work yet, with songs that reach up to 7 minutes with a solid progression all throughout. They aren’t long because they’re doom, they’re long because the composition demands it.

Their previous release was in 2016, another EP called Anubis. It’s similar in sound, though a little more traditionally metal, and shows their versatility within their chosen genres. It’s a bit more rock, slightly quicker, but it still has that spacey combination of fat blues riffs and swirling, echoed melody. They even do a cover of the song ‘Jet’ by none other than Paul McCartney & Wings. Surprisingly, it sounds really, really good as a metal song, with a little fun tossed in the mix. ‘Anubis’ is available on Bandcamp for digital release and cassette as well.

Additionally they have an limited edition LP with Anubis on one side, and The White on the other, which is absolutely worth it if you liked even one of their songs. It’s a very limited run, and as of writing this, has only 5 copies left! Just a tip for you Canadian metal collectors.

They will be playing the last date of their tour soon, at Hamilton’s The Doors Pub, on july 21st. Doom and metal fans alike, keep an eye and ear out for this unique trio!

The White Swan are keeping busy, generating more chugging doom tunes to get down with. See what they’re about and learn more about TWS with their links below: