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You're driving down a road to a familiar place. Although some things might have changed in the meantime, it's a place that shaped who you are and, at the time, laid the groundwork for what is to become the present-day you. All the things you've learned, felt and experienced resurface and, although it's been ages since you've been here, it all feels so timeless. Welcome to the magic of Dakota Mill's debut, AGES.

Tranquil and absorbing, let the songs of Psalm Trees take you to a peaceful place

Imagine this... It's the dawn of a new day. The sun is but a few minutes from rising and you're immersed in a feeling like you've got the entire world to yourself while everyone else is still fast asleep. You walk to the beach from your favourite getaway (perhaps a welcoming family cottage) and proceed to walk down to its shores. Removing your socks and shoes, you sit with your feet in the wet sand as the gentle waves wash up to greet your toes. The feeling is complimented by the cool morning breeze while it graces your face. At this point, no problem in the world seems to exist and you're locked into a moment of absolute peace. Transform those notions into sound and you've become part of Psalm Trees's deep, transcendental experience.