Strange Breed’s new album The Madness Of The Infinite is a compelling musical odyssey

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Album art by Karla Scadutto

“What is the meaning of life?” Strange Breed attempts to answer this question with an immersive musical experience.

So, what is the purpose of life — and what happens after? These questions have been toiling at the minds of philosophers, artists and people of all backgrounds for ages upon ages. The answer still seems to allude us. But, for one London, Ontario emcee, the question became a breeding ground for his artistry to soar!

Strange Breed, the award-winning alternative hip hopper, is back and sharper than ever with his third concept album, The Madness Of The Infinite — available now!

It isn’t very often a relatively new artist dares to tread into the restricting confines of conceptual entries, yet this is where Strange Breed seems to both dwell and excel. His ability, especially as a fledgling emcee, to pen conceptually intricate and thought-provoking pieces is truly remarkable.

Taking that remarkability to the next level is The Madness Of The Infinite. The 16 tracks combine to create a narrative which explores the cycle of life and death through Strange Breed’s perspective. Incorporating philosophical themes of spirituality and impermanence, the album is methodically written and meticulously composed. Right away, it pulls you into its tonal vortex with the opener, “Is This The End?” and takes listeners on a boundless audible voyage in attempt to answer life’s deepest question, and what comes after.

“This album manages to be both very personal to me, while also being mostly universal in its messages. Listeners can expect a full life’s journey condensed into 72 minutes.”
– Strange Breed

Photo credit: M.J. Vaessen

What makes Strange Breed such a captivating artist, to me, is his penchant for pushing the boundary of what is. And what I mean by that is, while he’s an emcee foremost, he is adept at integrating different arrangements and genres fluidly into his music which step outside the realm of what is typically considered hip hop, by conventional standards.

That being said, the album draws from a variety of musical genres, such as traditional baps to contemporary traps, folk, nu metal, darkwave and more. While this may come off jarring on paper, the execution is strangely delightful and cohesive. It’s these tonal fluctuations between tracks which feels both chaotic, yet seamless — like life itself. Overall, these compositional shifts lend well to the album’s overarching themes and messages.

Speaking of diversity, The Madness Of The Infinite features an array of hot spitters from London and area, as well as New York City, where the lead single, “Tomorrow” was filmed. Each contribution compliments their respective tracks while adding additional perspective and insight into the big question the album attempts to address.

Now, what I’ve always admired about Strange Breed is the fact that he always strives to explore outside his comfort zone, pushing the boundaries of his artistry. Through these attempts, he makes these uncharted artistic grounds his new zones of comfort to grow from. I find that so refreshing. And, with that, it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), The Madness Of The Infinite is his most refreshing release yet!

Give it a listen — it’s available now!



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