Sky Alert: The Backyard Sessions (video featurette)

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Sunday, August 19 – We had planned for this day weeks in advance now and, finally, it was here…

…A discrete backyard gathering in a tranquil, picturesque garden nestled inconspicuously in the calm neighbourhood of Blackfriars. This was the perfect place to be in that moment in time. It was the perfect place to hear the nomadic, transcendental sounds of Sky Alert in their truest form.

The heat of that Sunday beat strong but, as the sun’s rays began to relent for the evening, a small crowd soon formed. With a few cool cans of Storm Stayed Brewing Co. in tow, and a cozy fire burning, we were soon underway.

Join us by the fire as we listen to music, hang out and get to know Sky Alert on a deeper level, discovering the meaning behind their name and how the band came to be.

A special thanks to:

Sky Alert, Storm Stayed Brewing Co., APL Network, Bundles Creative Studios, The Tea Lounge, The Pickle Social Club and those who attended and assisted with the event.

Sky Alert are:  Ian Jarvis (acoustic guitar/vocals), Chris Smalley (electric guitar) and Jordan Pfaff  (bass)

Footage: Spencer Drake (dynamic) & Neil Pfaff (static)

Sound/Audio: Rachelle Mecca

Editing: Chris Smalley