Simple Reflections For Artists 4th annual multicultural festival hits Covent Garden this weekend

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Simple Reflections For Artists will celebrate over 20 different cultures with live music performances and art exhibitions

Pack your sunscreen and smiles — the Covent Garden Market will be hosting the Simple Reflections For Artists festival!

The two-day festival starts with the Simple Reflections for Youth, taking place on Friday, from 3:00pm to 9:00pm. The Simple Reflections For Artists festival will continue on Saturday, from 2:00pm to 10:00pm.

Spectators will be treated to an array of music and performances, including: salsa, reggae, rock, folk, belly dancing and more. The event will also feature high-profile global musicians to visual and performing artists who have developed their skills in Canada. Click here for a list of festival performers.

Dario Novoa, founder of the Simple Reflections For Artists Collective.
Credit: Jennifer Martino

“With the recent designation of London as Canada’s first UNESCO City of Music, it is time to recognize and celebrate the incredible talent in our community. The Simple Reflections Festival at Covent Garden Market removes barriers for emerging artists, including young people, who are the future of our local art and culture scene,” says Simple Reflections Founder Dario Novoa.

This weekend marks the festival’s 4th consecutive year running, with each festival expanding on the last. As London continues to diversify, the festival shines a welcoming light on the gifted folk in which it hosts.

There’s also a historic component taking place this Saturday. Honouring their 100th anniversary, the London Fire Fighters Pipe Band will march from Eldon House to the Covent Garden Market, arriving to perform from 5:30pm to 6:00 pm.

2021’s Simple Reflections For Artists festival welcomed the Antonio Alas Mariachi Band.
Credit: Dario Novoa

“By welcoming these youth into community spaces and celebrating their achievements, we plant seeds of belonging and pride that will nurture our collective cultural landscape for years to come,” says Novoa.


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