REVERB_Reviews The Dyadics "Love's Devolution"

REVERB_REVIEWS: The Dyadics ‘Love’s Devolution‘ album

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REVERB_Reviews The Dyadics "Love's Devolution"

The Dyadics are hitting the Rum Runner stage Friday, March 1st for the release of their new album. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more rockin’, wait until you hear Love’s Devolution!

The Dyadics 2.0

The band describes Love’s Devolution as “the evolution of The Dyadics” – they couldn’t be more on point. Comprising of Kevin Kennedy (guitars / vocals) and Matt Weston (drums / bass synth), the London alternative rock duo returns in their most robust form. This time around, they are joined by Jane Carmichael and Elle Hermansen (of The Cedar Sisters). The welcomed contribution compliments the dynamic wonderfully, filling a void we never knew was there. Enter The Dyadics 2.0!

In January 2019, the band released their first single, “Everything I Need”, giving fans a much needed fix after four long years of waiting. It’s a loaded gun of a track, with noticeable differences separating themselves from their previous material. If you’re already into it at this point, let this track set the precedent for the rest of the album – it’s electric!

REVERB_Reviews The Dyadics "Love's Devolution"
Left to right: Kevin Kennedy, Jane Carmichael, Elle Hermansen, Matt Weston

Kevin’s work on the guitar is more refined this time around, deviating from the heavy, rumbly distortion used on previous releases. It rings through sharp and clear, cutting into your ears with a solid chug, especially on tracks like “I Can’t Understand” and “I Need Love”. Matt’s drums pack more of a punch, along with the MOOG synths that brings everything together with a bass-heavy drone, most notably on “See the Way” and “Everything I Need”.

Jane Carmichael and Elle Hermansen’s work on the album shines radiantly. Their harmonies and backing vocals on tracks like “Want Me to Be” and “Feels So Good” are equal parts silky and seductive. This serves to pull you even further into the album’s theme of dark romance. It’s those whispers in your ear that beg you to stay longer, making Love’s Devolution an even more alluring listen.

The lyrics aren’t as fleshed out as past releases, but it’s clear this wasn’t the main focus. Think of it as less is more in that the lyrics provide a platform for the harmonies to glide upon. “So, what’s the focus then”, you might be asking? It’s their ability to bolster their chemistry and experience to produce thundering red-blooded rock. It’s a balanced yet solid audible concoction that melts into the recesses of your memory, sticking in your head for days.

Traversing a variety of styles over the years made past releases seem exploratory. Love’s Devolution feels like they’re coming into the sound they’ve been striving towards all along. There’s a lot of growth here. The songwriting feels tighter then ever, keeping their sound restrained and consistent, exploding with energy at all the right times. Each track is laden with laser sharp solos and palpitating rhythms you can’t help but feel in your core. The drums and synths drop a resounding pulse that’s smoothed out with dulcet vocals, both front and back. It’s intoxicating.

It’s been four years, but the band has made the most of that time to fine-tune their approach. I’d hazard to say this is The Dyadics showcasing themselves in their most well-rounded form to date. So, whether you’re looking to rock out or boogie down, Love’s Devolution is the elixir to get that neck swinin’ and foot stompin’ hard!

Show Details

Friday, March 1, 2019
Rum Runners, 176 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G7
8:00pm | Licensed / All-Ages
Featuring: Hiroshima Hearts, Black Frame Spectacle

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