REVERB_REVIEWS: SPECKS “No Anchors” video single

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Shifting sands and rising tides — compelling metaphors representing struggle, instability and adversity, creating weights and barriers that hold us back from actualizing our true potential. Are you powerless to circumstance, or will you brave the storm? Join SPECKS as they break free from the chains that bind and power forward with “No Anchors”!

Recorded independently, “No Anchors” was recorded and mixed by Simon Larochette at Sugar Shack  Recording Studio and mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Mastering. The video was produced by Justis Krar at IMMV Productions and released on July 19, 2019.

The band describes the meaning of “No Anchors” as recognizing the best out of a bad situation. Rather than being weighed down by circumstance, much like an anchor, it’s about refusing defeat and crushing forward with nothing holding you back.

“No hope, no anchors, nothing to keep me here, nothing to hold me back!”

– Specks, from “No Anchors”

According to video producer Justis Krar, the visual is a straight up fever dream. It’s very sensory, indeed. The video’s intro depicts a man in the throes of some sort of nightmarish panic attack. Often seen staring despondently at himself in said mirror, he soon begins smashing it violently. After the intro, the video launches into a band playing rambunctiously on a stage, spliced to vintage cuts of old school commercials and crowds dancing.

“No Anchors” adequately captures the panic we feel in overwhelming situations, as well as illustrating the unrelenting power to persevere. The use of the mirror is a symbol for self-reflection. Upon smashing the mirror, the man’s reflection seen in the shards of glass reveal a shattered sense of self. Only once the band takes to the screen does it feel as though order is being restored over the once prevailing chaos. Those notions are only furthered by the blistering ferocity of the instrumentation along with the lyrical themes and vocal tenacity.

From front to back, the visual is a bullet ride loaded with intense cuts and imagery. The video cuts are quick and anxiety-inducing, blanketing the overall tone of the song with a frenzied aesthetic.It lends itself well to the emotions and thoughts the song are meant to evoke and is a true testament to what SPECKS is all about – delivering thoughtful, self-aware concepts with a no-compromise attitude!

So, whether you’re trying to find inspiration to overcome the obstacles obscuring your path or you’re just looking for a ripping track to slam your head to, follow SPECKS’s lead and sail on with “No Anchors”!

Show Details
Friday, October 4, 2019
Call The Office, 216 York St, London, ON N6A 1B5
Doors at 9:00PM | Starts at 9:30PM | Ages 19+
Featuring: Dayglo Abortions, The Nasties, ’63 Monroe, The Therapists, SPECKS

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