REVERB_REVIEWS: Sarina Haggarty “Want You So Bad” single

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The idea of falling in love can sometimes be an uphill battle. It becomes perplexing as we do our best to foresee the bumps and ruts when our emotions become tethered to someone. But, at what point are we willing to put our hearts on the line and seize love for what it’s worth? Lend an ear as Sarina Haggarty opens up with her evoking new single, “Want You So Bad”.

“Should I act like a stranger, I wish I knew how to pass you by, probably won’t figure that out, ’cause I want you so bad”

— Sarina Haggarty, from “Want You So Bad”

“Want You So Bad”, released on October 14, 2019, presents a deep understanding of those hard-to-grasp feelings of attraction. As we tend to preserve the idea of a perfect relationship in our minds, the song thoughtfully touches on the difficulty of what to do or how to feel when something painful happens, in a very captivating way.

Sarina explains that, although it’s about falling in love, “before you know it, something good or bad happens. No one has a clue of what’s going to happen next in the story.” She further adds that it’s about being in a phase where you can’t stop thinking about a person — you either miss the person or maybe you never want to know the feeling of missing them.

Typically known for a more folky approach, Sarina is branching into new musical territory using a wistful alternative R&B arrangement. Tracing footprints of inspiration from alternative pop icons, Adele and Maggie Rogers, the singer-songwriter is carving her own path with this single. Rich with metaphors, her ability to convey such hard, seemingly indescribable notions into tender, poetic lyrics is quite remarkable. Vocally, her delivery is soothing and exceptional, exhibiting practiced cadence and poise that breathe life into her lyrics. It’s easy to see that she’s focused and well within her element on this one.

Sarina Haggarty has come a long way with her craft and there seems to be no signs of slowing down. “Want You So Bad” is just a taste of what’s to come and it’s fascinating to ponder what sort of surprises she has in store for us next.

So, whether your heart is in limbo or you’re looking for a soft, thoughtful piece of music, sit back and seek the sounds of Sarina Haggarty’s “Want You So Bad”.

Show Details
Thursday, October 29, 2019
Rum Runners, 176 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G7
Doors at 7:00PM | All Ages
Featuring: Tyler Shaw, Craig Strickland & Sarina Haggarty

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