REVERB_REVIEWS: Sarina Haggarty & BUBBLEGUM “Crazy” single

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Have you ever had feelings for someone? Feelings so strong and unrelenting you find it difficult to hold back? Have you ever been uncertain about how they might feel about you to the point that it drives you crazy?! If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then this new single by Sarina Haggarty and BUBBLEGUM, might just be the single for you!

Fanshawe Music Industry Arts students and local musicians, Sarina Haggarty and BUBBLEGUM (Drake Campbell, drummer for London rock outfits Lost Arts and DIME) bring us a whimsical collaboration for all those warm hearts out there with “Crazy”!



The single contains a frantic notion only bleeding hearts could understand. But not “frantic” by any conventional means. It evokes a that relatable feeling when we experience the moments of which the song mentions. From the bubbly beat to Sarina’s soft, sincere vocals, “Crazy” is about that voice inside our heads and hearts that make us want to risk throwing caution to the wind and our emotions to the wall. In her own words, Sarina describes the song as “being crazy about someone and not knowing if you should stay or go. Not knowing if the person feels the same back or if they just have no clue how you feel and they’ll probably never know”.

In terms of production, BUBBLEGUM mentions using “Happier” by Marshmello as the fundamental influence for the track, deriving techniques by the likes of grandtheft, Manila Killa, and Slushii to flesh it out. The beat is coated in demure, with a bubbly bounce that fits the theme of the song very appropriately. It’s the beat you could imagine playing in your head as the infatuation butterflies in your stomach begin to flutter.

Overall, the song is well-balanced and explores the light side of a heavy heart in those uncertain situations.  The beat and the lyrics frolic together playfully as the words and familiar feelings they bring soak inside your mind. It could very well be considered anthemic for all the hopeless romantics out there. The relatability, the passion and the writing serve to make this more than just another pop song. All the elements of the song work tie into one another to make it a poppy, but fresh composition.

Click here for full song.

So, whether you’re looking to speak your heart’s truth or you’re just on the lookout for something fun, “Crazy” has everything you need to give you courage and make you move!