REVERB_REVIEWS: Lost In Japan’s pounding new single, “EGO”

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Photo by Joel Parker

London, Ontario’s Lost In Japan have seemingly given up their lighthearted jangly pop rock for a more moody style of music with distorted guitars and pounding drums. But, behind the new moody sound shown in “EGO” is the same spacey and melodic band we’ve all grown to love. In Lost In Japan’s new song, the band talks about isolation through social media- how it has become a presence in our lives and how it affects our relationships as well as out our own personal well-being. The vocal and instrumental performances all lend to this perfectly melancholic but, somehow, hopeful atmosphere. It all meshes together to create a super catchy and moody tune that will be stuck in your head for a long time.

Since there aren’t any particular instruments that are stealing the show or being too terribly hidden, I have no choice but to talk about everything. The bass is deep — it has the perfect amount of dirt and is locked in with every other instrument. There might be a couple moments where I thought the bass was having a bit more fun than it was simply lending to the song, but I think that can be forgiven with such a solid performance. The guitars are hard and dirty at times, but can also be soft and dreamy when it needs to be. The distorted, noisy guitar in the second verse adds so much to the distress and anxiety being conveyed. The drums are harder than they normally are, but certainly not for the worse. They are infectiously punchy and suit the melancholic feel perfectly. The hi-hats of the choruses get a bit lost in the mix and this could have been fixed easily if needed, but this is more of a personal preference though, I admit. And of course, I would be wrong to not give a special shout out to the synth near the end. All of these instruments combine to create a fantastically dynamic and energetic track with great builds and drops.

“Can’t turn off the white noise in your brain, where do we go from here, numbers they go down each year”
– Lost In Japan, from the single, “EGO”

The lyrics speak a loneliness that I’m sure everybody can relate to. The feeling of dealing with social media can be crippling and can take a toll on your esteem quite easily. The band uses these feelings to connect with the listener — talking about the attention given to us as we scroll through social media and dating apps. The vocal delivery is extraordinarily passionate. It’s sweet, per the usual Lost In Japan song, but also has higher belts which really push the mood and emotion. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the music video associated with the song. Shots of individuals being labeled by their inner monolog of negative thoughts convey so powerfully how the band feels about the current state of social media as well as how we both keep and value relationships in this world of technology and the anxiety surrounding it.

Absolutely give this song a spin, and check out the music video! “EGO” is simultaneously grounded and spacey, leaving the listener feeling a bit more understood than when they started. I really enjoyed this track, both for its fantastic production, composition and performances. I’m very excited to see what is up next for these local rockers!

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