REVERB_REVIEWS: Justine Chantale “If I Know You” single

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Photo by Whitney South

A connection. It’s a tether between two points. Just as well, it’s the bond between two hearts. Through these intimate connections, we can become a much stronger force. What does this connection mean to you? Are you willing to risk it all to find out? Listen in as Tillsonburg’s own Justine Chantale recounts the most powerful connection she made with her glowing new single, “If I Know You”.

Released independently, the single was recorded at Banquet Sound and Red Valley Studios (in Toronto), by Nixon Boyd and Al Rowe, respectively. It was produced by The Agenda, mixed by Al Rowe at Red Valley Studios and mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering. Joining Justine Chantale for the instrumentation is Rich Dasilva (drums / percussion), Mark Rynkun (bass), Will Hebbes (electric guitars) and Al Rowe (acoustic / electric guitars, keyboards and background vocals).

“From this day forward, you don’t have to walk alone, I’ll be by your side, intertwined, I won’t ever let you go”

Justine Chantale, from “If I Know You”

“If I Know You” is inspired by Justine’s reflection on her marriage and the experiences leading up to that magical day. Shedding insight into the song itself, Justine reveals that being a musician made it difficult selecting a wedding processional. Making a comment about how it would just be easier to write her own wedding song, she acted on her words and wrote “If I Know You” to commemorate her union with her husband.

Borrowing inspiration from renowned country musicians Jess Moskaluke, Shania Twain and Taylor Swift, the song is soft as it is sincere. Justine Chantale is totally in her element with her ability to transcribe deep, intense feelings into something both lyrically profound and relatable. Working in tandem with the lyrics is her tender vocal delivery. Not only does it sound great and well-practiced but it also serves to add warmth, reinforcing the sentiment behind the song.  In conjunction with the instrumentation, the elements within the song are brought together like a snug embrace. The song’s nature is widely transferable and it doesn’t take much to imagine this being a wedding staple from here on out.

So, whether your heart is feeling close to someone or you’re looking for that special song to commemorate a connection of your own, look no further than Justine Chantale’s “If I Know You”.

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