REVERB_REVIEWS: Justin Maki’s sensual new single, “Love Language”

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When you speak to the heart, how does it respond? It isn’t always easy to find the right words to say. Fret not, lovebirds! Justin Maki is back with “Love Language”, his velvety new single that’s sure to set the mood and say what’s on your mind this Valentine’s Day!

Inspired by The Bee Gees and the readings of author Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Languages Of Love”, the single is poignant, saucy and something of a departure from Maki’s conventional sound – but in a great way!

Joined by Dean McKey on drums, Alex Tirolese on bass and Richard Frank on sax, every note delivered on “Love Language” sounds like they’re achieving their purpose – by creating a sultry and provocative R&B tone in which to ferry the song’s message.

Everything that makes Justin Maki who he is – from his delectable chords to his ability to charm you with his lyrics – remains intact, only more refined and focused. One of his most signature traits – his voice – does a remarkable job bringing the atmosphere of the single full-circle with exceptional melody and raw passion.

In contrast to his previous works, “Love Language” marks a new direction for the acclaimed singer-songwriter. He’s building on his pop and easy-listening foundation and taking an alternative approach, all while feeling smooth and organic in the process.

There’s a lot of chemistry going on with “Love Language” and Justin Maki is fitting right into his element. Expanding his musical range and dynamic, it’s nothing short of intriguing to see how the singer-songwriter will develop with future releases!

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