REVERB_REVIEWS: Hiroshima Hearts hits the gas with their new single, “Smoke”

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If life is a highway, how are you gonna ride it? Put the top down and the system up because London, Ontario’s hard rock heavy hitters, Hiroshima Hearts, are back with their new high-octane single, “Smoke”!

Hiroshima Hearts have always had the ability to make rock and roll you can feel in your bones. With “Smoke”, nothing here really changes in those regards. However, this new single does offer something unique in the direction of the band’s sound. It’s more stripped back, having removed the blues element which was more prominent on past releases, giving this new single a fresh coat and a grittier tone in comparison.

Guitarist Tyler Turek’s work is refined, substituting the low, distorted rumble for a cleaner, tangier tone and some tasty palm mutes. Mark Swan’s work behind the kit is appropriately punchy, while also providing enough cowbell to satiate the taste of anyone crying for more! Bassist Michael Del Vecchio ties the instrumentation together with a low, fierce rumble. Finally (and, for Hiroshima Hearts fans, this goes without saying) Jenn Marino’s powerhouse vocals bring the song full-circle. All these characteristics combined makes “Smoke” an unrivalled beast in modern day rock.

“Smoke” is a rock and roll adrenaline junkie’s dream come true! It’s Hiroshima Hearts stripped down to their rawest form to date by exhibiting a much tighter chemistry in their sound. What’s more, is it has the ferocity and energy to be enjoyed by rock enthusiasts of all generations.

So, if you’re looking for a song to tantalize a wild heart or a solid banger to rip up the roads, be sure to add “Smoke” to your playlist NOW!

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