REVERB_REVIEWS: Elle G “Darkhorse” video single

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Love. It knows no bounds. It’s a strong, complicated and compelling emotion we try to relentlessly rationalize, yet its power is absolute and uncompromising. What does love mean to you and what would you be willing to go through to protect that irreplaceable bond? Join Elle G as she fights for the beauty and power of love in her debut single, “Darkhorse”.

Released on Young Wild and Free Records, the Strathroy-born, Ottawa-based singer-songwriter is joined by Jason Wilkinson on guitars and midi instruments to provide a robust, full-band sound. The song was recorded by Artist Alliance Company and filmed at Ottawa Pianos (on “Felix, the Grand Piano”), mixed by Martin Leather and mastered by Joao Carvalho Mastering.

The song explores the uncertainty of love, and the desire to preserve it. The lyrics, “I want to break up, I want to make up” are poignant and relatable, detailing the indecision one feels in a challenging relationship. Not knowing the right course of action, the song focuses on that struggle while placing emphasis on the possibility that this love — this darkhorse — is worth fighting for. The symbolism of the song’s title also reflects the beauty in the darkness and the struggle.

“No matter how hard a relationship gets, if you see a healthy way out and you want to work on this — then DO IT,” explains Elle G, in reference to the song’s meaning. “Don’t give up just because your relationship isn’t like the others.”

Borrowing inspiration from contemporary pop/R&B artists, Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga, “Darkhorse” is a powerhouse demonstration of Elle G’s ability to write captivating, relatable and touching music. Radiating with confidence, passion and a powerful yet sultry voice, this song marks the beginning of a new, bright chapter for the singer-songwriter.

So, whether you’re looking for an ardent single to tug at your heart strings or an empowering message to guide you through those uncertain times, “Darkhorse” makes for an ideal song to include in your personal soundtrack.

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