Reverb_Reviews: Dank City 'Living Dangerous'

REVERB_REVIEWS: Dank City ‘Living Dangerous‘ EP

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For those who’ve had their ear to the ground in London’s music scene the past year, Dank City’s a name you’ve likely come across. If you’ve heard them to any capacity, it’s no wonder why. Get ready to rock one out as they get set to unleash their eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘Living Dangerously‘ on January 5th!

The constituents of this heavy rock three-piece are Jennifer Warzonek (drums, vocals), Jason Antonucci (guitar, vocals) and Adam Tierney (bass). Aside from being a group of personable individuals, their dedication to the craft and chemistry as a band have garnered quick recognition. 2018 seemed to be a productive year for Dank City, having yielded countless performance opportunities, playing the Aylmer Food Bank Benefit Show as well as some air time and an interview on CHRW’s Saturday Morning with Howie Zowie.

LDN_Reverb Punk Is Dead! Dank City

The Dank City Sound

When asked to define their own sound, Jennifer commented, “It’s hard to classify us. I don’t even know what to call Dank City. We’re just… Dank City”. In most cases, it can be seen as a trite response. In Dank City’ case, however, these words really hold true.

It’s hard to pinpoint their sound exactly, even while operating within certain parameters. They weave together an amalgam of heavy rock, drawing liberally from punk and heavy metal elements to create something fresh yet familiar. It’s the difficulty in delineating these elements that makes Dank City truly authentic and something to behold. One moment, you’re caught up in punky riffs reminiscent to early Offspring, then shift gears into Iron Maiden-esque drum gallops and bluesy solos. The bass is the glue, holding the instrumentation together with a deep groove. All the more awesome is the fact that most of these transitions can happen within a single song.

Living Dangerous

Dank City is opening up the new year with their debut extended play, ‘Living Dangerous’. The five tracks featured on the EP does justice showcasing the wide spectrum of their sound. It’s very genuine. From start to finish, the whole recording was mixed, mastered and performed by the band themselves. Much like their sound, the EP itself is a departure from conventional norms, opting towards a more organic final product.

Lyrically, ‘Living Dangerous’ comes from a very emotional place, drawing on themes of abandonment, insecurity and emotional despair. “Sweet Tooth”, the opening track, takes off hard and fast, setting the tone for the EP. The third track, “Naugahyde” switches things up into a doomy, southern stoner rock vibe. Closing off the EP is “Dose”, a slower, introspective track that picks up and charges straight in to the chorus. After a few listens, there’s an overarching theme of perseverance and self-empowerment that becomes apparent. It seems as though this EP serves as symbol of growth, not only for the band, but for themselves.

Reverb_Reviews: Dank City 'Living Dangerous'

Honestly, ‘Living Dangerous‘ is a very solid listen, front to back. Having seen them perform live, their sound and energy translates great in to a recording. The only complaint is with regards to the vocal mixing. While the EP is very well written and sounds great musically, more compression and reverb on the vocals might have made for a more balanced sound. Don’t even let that be a factor because A) it’s only a matter of opinion and B) there’s lots of merit found in Dank City’s DIY approach. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a well-rounded, moderately fast and heavy listen, ‘Living Dangerous‘ is an ideal EP to keep the system rockin’!



Saturday, January 5th, 2019
Richmond Tavern, 172 King St, London, ON N6A 1C6
8:00PM – 2:00AM | Ages 19+
Featuring: SED NO ONE, Vertical Distortion, Rebel Cell

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