REVERB_REVIEWS: Certainty’s temporal and thoughtful single, “Temporary Love”

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Certainty Photo credit: Kelsey Gie Photography

“Temporary Love” describes the importance of permanence and how we use our time to interact with loved ones, as well as those we used to have relationships with. London’s Certainty does this with all elements of the composition, production and arrangement — using these components to emphasize how time impacts the band and the listener.

Right when you hit play, the first line showcases what’s so interesting about this song. The three parts of this one line are pieced together while being accompanied by the guitar in a way that we hear these themes of permanence and relationships being expressed so vividly. The progression of the guitar descends quite significantly, only to pick back up and repeat for the next line which speaks to the themes of repetition and, possibly, events in an individual’s life. The whole song shows this, with lots of unresolved progressions, melodies, looping hooks, and an altogether unconventional song structure. The structure is less straight forward than most, but this lends to the message and makes the chorus as well as the hooks stick out just that much more.

“Temporary Love” just sounds beautiful to me. Not all would agree that screaming and harsh drums are beautiful sounds. To me, this only adds to the concept of the song and the album it’s from, and rightfully named after. With that said, everything I’m saying applies very well to the album as a whole. “Temporary Love” has a gorgeous stereo spread that takes advantage of every small guitar hook, lyric or bass line. And, while I’m at it, something that stands out to me is the bass playing — which fits this song amazingly. This bassist knows when to turn on the dirt and when to chill out, and this can often make or break a song for me.

“Get back to where you think you’re best at, I gave a place to stay but it’s not your home”

From the song “Temporary Love” by Certainty

One thing I will say about this song is: if you’re not a fan of pop-punk or pop-rock, it might be understandable if you gave this song a skip. The song speaks of heartbreak, loss, anger, and loneliness. “Temporary Love” features quick jumps in pacing and has what may be considered the standard pop-punk vocals. I suppose I could see how this will come across as another modern rock song for you to take a pass on; however, if you’re a fan of this style of music then I think this track could easily become a new favourite.

Even if you’re not a fan of this style of music, or maybe tend to not finish listening to songs, I’d say keep listening. Maybe even listen to it again. “Temporary Love” has a lot to offer, and it’s very evident upon a good listen how much this band put into conveying the importance of permanence, and relationships. The instruments are performed beautifully, the vocals are very expressive and the production is amazing. So, to you, I would say be careful what you consider to be temporary or permanent and be careful of how you use your time and the people you care about. But don’t take my word for it, listen to “Temporary Love”, by Certainty.