REVERB_REVIEWS: “Blossom”, the emotive debut single by Czech Hotel

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Perseverance is described as a steady persistence, especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Like a flower facing a storm, we too have the ability to withstand and thrive from our experiences. Released on April 10, 2020, London’s alt-experimental rockers, Czech Hotel, enlighten us on the importance of perseverance with their expressive debut single, “Blossom”.

Czech Hotel consists of Brandan McIntosh (vocals and guitar), Matty Parr (backing vocals and guitar), Alex Rolston (drums) and Alex Ven (keyboards and synthesizers), each musician lends their skill in creating an atmospheric, beautifully haunting and heavy piece of music with “Blossom”.

Cover art for the “Blossom” single.

From the get-go, “Blossom” pulls you in with its surfy guitar twang and wistful vocal cadence. Then you’re blasted with a heavy wave of dense sound for the bridge and chorus. It’s a wonderfully balanced hybrid of grunge and alternative rock with prominent industrial elements, but not an industrial rock song in and of itself. The fusion, however, is immense and absorbing, fleshing out the song and its themes of adversity and perseverance into something resonating and relatable.

From the honest, contemplative lyrics to the tight and diverse instrumentation, each element is cohesive, creating a textured, meaningful piece of music. It’s a great first step for Czech Hotel and it leaves much to long for with upcoming releases!

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