Promo Man book celebrates legendary London music promoter

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Promo Man chronicles the astonishing career of iconic music promoter, Nick Panaseiko, throughout the golden age of the music industry.

Most of us wonder what it would be like to rub shoulders with music’s legends and stars. For a London man, those wonders are a reality. With an illustrious career spanning five decades, the Promo Man has worked with the who’s-who of the entertainment industry.

The man in question is none other than Nick Panaseiko — a legend in a right that is more than his own. Beyond working with a dizzying repertoire of celebrities and entertainers, he is also a master and innovator of his trade.

His exploits and adventures are detailed in the new book, Promo Man: Backstage Tales From the Vinyl Jungle, authored by Londoner, Bob Klanac.

Promo Man - Nick Panaseiko
The Promo Man himself, Nick Panaseiko
Property of: Nick Panaseiko

“Nick created the prototype for music promotion in the 70s. Working for Canadian labels gave him the freedom to do whatever he wanted”, says Klanac. All the US labels cared about was that their acts were being treated well in Canada. And Nick did that very well.”

From the get-go, readers are in for a wild ride through the golden age of music history. A history of which the legendary promoter is very much entrenched.

“No one really understood that the profile was what drove sales and awareness in the marketplace. That was Nick’s forte.”
– Bob Klanac; author of Promo Man

The book walks us through Nick Panaseiko’s ambitious beginnings and how he became a promoter of prolific proportions. There will be firsthand accounts into his experiences booking The Supremes as a teenager, breaking KISS into the international market, as well as discovering one of Canada’s most iconic country music stars — among many others. Not to mention, cutting edge approaches promotional techniques Panaseiko employed, which helped propel those he represented even further in to superstardom.

“The idea of creating profile for artists was never a consideration before that,” says Klanac. “No one really understood that the profile was what drove sales and awareness in the marketplace. That was Nick’s forte.”

Promo Man - Bob Klanac
Promo Man author, Bob Klanac
Property of: Bob Klanac

The official Promo Man book launch will take place on Saturday, December 11th, at the London Music Hall Of Fame, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. The event will feature an introspective on the book with Nick Panaseiko and Bob Klanac, as well as audience Q&A and book signing.

The book will also be available the week of December 13th in London at Brown & Dickson Bookstore, Speed City Records, Grooves, The Village Idiot and The Beat Goes On.

For more details on the official book launch, click here.

To purchase a copy of Promo Man: Backstage Tales From the Vinyl Jungle, click here.

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