REVERB_REVIEWS: Chase Drew ‘It Followed Me Home‘ album

We are a sum of our actions and experiences. Whatever we do, the resulting consequences follow us wherever we go and shape who we become in the process. Take a walk alongside Chase Drew as he chronicles his life so far in his gripping debut album, It Followed Me Home.

REVERB_REVIEWS: Sarina Haggarty “Want You So Bad” single

The idea of falling in love can sometimes be an uphill battle. It becomes perplexing as we do our best to foresee the bumps and ruts when our emotions become tethered to someone. But, at what point are we willing to put our hearts on the line and seize love for what it's worth? Lend an ear as Sarina Haggarty opens up with her evoking new single, "Want You So Bad".

REVERB_REVIEWS: Bad Bounce “Sugar and Spice” single

When life gives you lemons, what do you do? It stands to reason that we can take the bitter taste head on or, as the common expression would tell you, make lemonade. Life can be bittersweet but there is a powerful lesson to be learned in understanding what we can gain from our hardships. Gather around and listen as London’s Bad Bounce shows you the beauty in the struggle with their new single, “Sugar and Spice”.

REVERB_REVIEWS: Justine Chantale “If I Know You” single

A connection. It's a tether between two points. Just as well, it's the bond between two hearts. Through these intimate connections, we can become a much stronger force. What does this connection mean to you? Are you willing to risk it all to find out? Listen in as Tillsonburg's own Justine Chantale recounts the most powerful connection she made with her glowing new single, "If I Know You".

REVERB_REVIEWS: SPECKS “No Anchors” video single

Shifting sands and rising tides -- compelling metaphors representing struggle, instability and adversity, creating weights and barriers that hold us back from actualizing our true potential. Are you powerless to circumstance, or will you brave the storm? Join SPECKS as they break free from the chains that bind and power forward with "No Anchors"!

The Thing From Outer Space set to invade Surf-O-Rama 4 this Friday

The Thing From Outer Space is invading London, Ontario's Richmond Tavern this Friday. Do not fear -- they come in the name of righteous surf! Little green men though they are not, they still deliver that cosmic groove. Let's get to know the celestial surf rockers known as The Thing From Outer Space!