Chris “The Animal” DeMelo drums out his insight on the music scene

Seasoned drummer, executive chef and all-around nice guy, Chris DeMelo is no stranger to the music scene. Having lent his talents and time to several notable local bands like Drophanger, Ironboud, Mirage, Nostalgic Brightlights, Dustbin Flowers and Flight Of The Songbirds, he's learned a thing or three about the ins-and-outs of the scene. Without further ado, here's what he has to say:

Looking Back: Highlights from the LDN_Reverb Re-Launch

Last Saturday night marked the official re-launch for Reverb's return! The sounds were awesome, the energy was wild and EVAC was packed as the community came in to show their support. The night was a complete success and everyone had a blast!

REVERB_REVIEWS: Viscosity ‘Never Through‘ album

Riffy and full of energy, the boys from Viscosity are back to put Beamsville on the map once more with their newest drop, Never Through! You’re in for a sound that’s steeped in a healthy blend of 90’s rock influence that will get you moving whether you’re in your teens to mid-thirties (but not limited to)! Andrew’s sharp guitar, Joseph’s grungy vocals and Sebastian’s dizzying keyboard melodies dance harmoniously together to create a sound that’s both fresh and… well, viscous!

The Black Frame Spectacle Artist Spotlight

After discovering The Black Frame Spectacle through a friend and listening to their music for a couple weeks, I was blown away when I found out they were a 2 piece. Consisting of Ian Sullivan on vocals/guitar and Adam McNeill on drums/backing vocals, Black Frame Spectacle's very unique sound is so vibrant and full of energy that I didn't miss or even notice the lack of additional band members.

REVERB_REVIEWS: Cyphier ‘Cerebral Warfare‘ EP

“Think for yourself” - what does that even mean anymore? Day after day, we’re being pummelled with toxic information and exaggerated imagery telling us what to buy and who to be. The world is littered with systemic agendas designed to dissuade us from seeing the world on our own terms. Well, Cyphier (Louis Cyphier on vocals and Jason Karlsson on backing vocals and programming) are back to remind us to fight for our freedom of thought with their new EP, Cerebral Warfare, on Electric Bat Records!