Tranquil and absorbing, let the songs of Psalm Trees take you to a peaceful place

Imagine this... It's the dawn of a new day. The sun is but a few minutes from rising and you're immersed in a feeling like you've got the entire world to yourself while everyone else is still fast asleep. You walk to the beach from your favourite getaway (perhaps a welcoming family cottage) and proceed to walk down to its shores. Removing your socks and shoes, you sit with your feet in the wet sand as the gentle waves wash up to greet your toes. The feeling is complimented by the cool morning breeze while it graces your face. At this point, no problem in the world seems to exist and you're locked into a moment of absolute peace. Transform those notions into sound and you've become part of Psalm Trees's deep, transcendental experience.

Sweet Toothe is set to take a bite out of Takeover Music Fest

London's a musical hub of innovation. Within, you'll find a healthy dose of accessible music that's broadly appealing, while also fostering some niche musical styles. On June 23, you can see the next generation of London's music scene take to the stage for Takeover Music Fest - a free concert hosted by London Music Office.

REVERB_REVIEWS: John Muirhead ‘Foundational‘ EP

If you’re tapped into the London singer/songwriter scene, either by way of musicianship or just being a fan, you’ve likely heard John Muirhead’s name mentioned a time or three. The young musician has been receiving acclaim since his Yesterday's Smile EP debuted in 2016. His music is honest, genuine and, often times, can be taken as that ideal sound you’d love to have playing around the campfire on those relaxing, cool summer nights.

Chris “The Animal” DeMelo drums out his insight on the music scene

Seasoned drummer, executive chef and all-around nice guy, Chris DeMelo is no stranger to the music scene. Having lent his talents and time to several notable local bands like Drophanger, Ironboud, Mirage, Nostalgic Brightlights, Dustbin Flowers and Flight Of The Songbirds, he's learned a thing or three about the ins-and-outs of the scene. Without further ado, here's what he has to say:

Looking Back: Highlights from the LDN_Reverb Re-Launch

Last Saturday night marked the official re-launch for Reverb's return! The sounds were awesome, the energy was wild and EVAC was packed as the community came in to show their support. The night was a complete success and everyone had a blast!