REVERB_REVIEWS: Zachary Gray ‘Night Hustle‘ EP

The Night Hustle LP is a Long Play, even if it's only available as a digital album. One could call this synthwave, or ambient, though it's also process-driven art. It's pretty exciting to hear interesting and captivating things on here like numbers stations, and cassette warping used as samples or even effects to the music itself.

Montreal’s Taken For Granted shares the stage with locals Eons Away, Bare Bones & Devon Nickerson

LDN_Reverb was thrilled to host its first act from outside of Ontario! Taken For Granted, the pop punk five piece all the way from Montréal, started a new chapter in their band's story playing a show for their first-ever tour with us at The Pickle Social Club. The event met its fare share of bumps during the planning process but, when all was said and done, it went off without a hitch and everyone had a blast! Fun bands, fun people, fun times!

REVERB_REVIEWS: Nostalgic Brightlights ‘Summer Nights‘ video single

If you've had your ears open in London's sprawling music scene, then Nostalgic Brightlights needs no introduction. For those of you just tuning in, they're the hometown alternative rock four-piece whose sounds can be heard resounding around town! Comprised of August Wickman (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Tyler Nichol (lead guitar), Sandra Vaughn (bass) and Chris DeMelo (drums), the group's been working steady since their beginnings in late 2015.  

The Universe Featuring Ray: London’s One Woman Music Machine

The first time I saw Ray, I remember being in awe of her. Looking back, a group of us were sitting around a fire at a summer party, when suddenly, this radiant hippy rocker chick waltzed in and plopped down across the fire.  She beamed at us all and began singing her heart out. With only her face and guitar visible from the warm flames of the fire, we sang along and soaked in her vibe. Since then, I am grateful to have seen her perform on several occasions.


You're driving down a road to a familiar place. Although some things might have changed in the meantime, it's a place that shaped who you are and, at the time, laid the groundwork for what is to become the present-day you. All the things you've learned, felt and experienced resurface and, although it's been ages since you've been here, it all feels so timeless. Welcome to the magic of Dakota Mill's debut, AGES.

Take flight with London doom metal trio, The White Swan

This is another example of London's bubbling underground metal scene, beneath the surface reminiscent of magma, particularly when it's the likes of local doom band White Swan. It's the kind of bluesy, thick sound that groups such Kyuss and Electric Wizard went for, but a little bit slicker, with a very modern feel, and a few surprises.