REVERB_REVIEWS: Lost Arts ‘Let Me Go‘ EP

Rock music - you know it and so it needs no introduction. Its definition has changed significantly over the years. Rock, at its core, sends us into an adrenaline rush with relatable lyrics coming to life with riffy, catchy rhythms. Enter London, Ontario's Lost Arts with their blazing debut, the Let Me Go EP, released September 14th!

Ngajuana keeps pushing bars in London hip hop

There are many seasoned spitters in the city of trees, our local scene is killin' it with gifted emcees. London rhymer, Shad, perhaps the most known, is one of a few rap artists that helped put London's hip-hop culture on the map. Among other contributors, including Casper The Ghost and JR Fillion, there also stands local vet, Ngajuana - an incredibly humble individual and accomplished artist in his own right with a very respectable hustle when it comes to the game.