OEV’s The Baker’s Dozen is a hotspot for local underground music

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London is a host to a tonne of music events, especially during the weekends. If you’re anything like me, you get lost in the multitude of event posts, deciding where to go and who to see. More often than not, we’ll wind up downtown at any given establishment hosting live music. While any support for local music is good support, are you aware of what’s been happening in Old East Village (OEV) lately?

Living on the cusp of downtown and OEV, I was, as usual, torn between where to go. Opting for something different, I found myself heading to the Village to see what’s up – I’m glad I did! What I found introduced me to two amazing things: 1) The Baker’s Dozen (or B13) and 2) the amazing culture being cultivated inside!

In short, B13 (613 Dundas Street), from what I experienced, is a collective enterprise providing 20 stables for local artisans and arts enthusiasts to unite, shop and bask in the pulsing OEV culture. What’s more is, this location turns into a magical venue with an unparalleled atmosphere!

Friday night

Friday night saw local hip hop label,  Animal Street Records’s, 1-year anniversary and costume dance party. The event was complete with a performance by London hip hop dance crew, IllAtWill. One of Ill At Will’s founding members, Jim Xavier, also occupies one of these stables with his clothing brand, Stay Hungry & Humble – totally worth checking out!

Sunday afternoon

Odyssey Records, with the storefront right on Dundas Street, is also a part of the B13 collective. They house a very well-curated selection of vinyls and other hard-to-find classics and formats of media. What started off with a simple purchase turned into something cool! A pop-up concert was taking place featuring Belgian vapour rockers, Le Prince Harry, and London’s punk duo, Klazo. The performance literally set off the alarms – it was that wild!

That’s ONE vent in ONE place just stepping into OEV! I hope to uncover more amazing things in the days to come! In the meantime, fellows, stop by and see for yourself!

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