Fanshawe MIA student featured on YouTuber video through Fiverr collaboration (con’t)

Niagara region musician feautred on YouTuber channel through 'fiverr' collaboration

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Reverb: What benefits do you think Fiverr holds for musicians?

Jordan: I think Fiverr is great for musicians who have invested a lot of money into their home studios and are looking to get some of that money back. It is a good feeling to accumulate income from home and allows me to get a lot of work out of my home studio. It also gives me a great amount of experience with communication and working with others. I always aim to make my clients as satisfied as possible with what I add to their songs and I always follow any directions they give me.


Reverb: How do you see this kind of technology used for musical collaborations in the future? Would you do it again?

Jordan: I think Fiverr will keep getting bigger and bigger in the future since it is so convenient for people who need to work with musicians or graphic designers etc. It may not be as great of a result as going to a pro studio and working in the same room as other people but it definitely gives people the opportunity to get great results. The fact that you can work with anyone in the world is pretty awesome.


Reverb: Would you recommend that other musicians try this method for collaboration?

Jordan: Yes, I would recommend musicians try Fiverr but I would only recommend this if they need a service that they can not get locally. If they need musicians to make their song sound better but don’t know good musicians with high quality gear, then Fiverr is the perfect option. The mixing and mastering services are also very good on Fiverr.


Thanks Jordan! And there you have it. While you may not come across an offer like that, hopefully this provides insight for those considering using Fiverr or other freelance service providing platforms to increase your earnings as a musician.