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Netherland’s Aestrid will rock you to your core this Friday at Call The Office

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LDN_Reberb Aestrid

Friday, November 23, London is in for an incredible show – seriously! Aestrid, the sound rock trio from Soest, Netherlands, bring their intense blend of electronic rock to Call The Office. They’ll be accompanied by Jeen (Toronto) and Little You Little Me (New Brunswick). Also, check out our interview with Aestrid (link below)!

LDN_Reverb Aestrid

Aestrid is comprised of Bo Menning (vocals, guitar), Juuriann JJ Sielcken (bass, keyboards) and Ray Murphy (drums). They are self-described as “a sound balanced between post-punk and ambient electronic music meeting the wideness of shoegaze in the middle. Whether it is about the randomness while improvising, or the perfectionism that used to rule the early days of the band, Aestrid is always searching for ‘the outer edge’.”

The Outer Edge

I got to meet these guys in April when they played at EVAC. From what I experienced, Aestrid’s music can be appropriately described as colouring outside the lines. The use of alternative rock conventions could be seen as the picture. The instrumentation, innovation and chemistry of the band, however, can be viewed as the colours and strokes that go beyond the borders. From the wailing feedback and boisterous vocals to the surging rhythms and pulsing keys, there is a certain beautiful harmony amidst the dissonance and chaos. The “outer edge”, as they refer to it, isn’t confined solely to their music. Aestrid has a very immense stage presence (not always limited to said stage) and have the ability to get audiences immersed in the euphoric experience.

When it comes to song structure, it wouldn’t be wrong to call them songs. Just as well, it wouldn’t be right to label them as such in a traditional sense. It’s more appropriate to say they’re compositions where rock provides the foundation but their music hits you like a tidal wave of ambient, bassy sound that reverberates in your soul’s core (trust me, bass is a must when ripping their tracks). The end result is totally expressive, but relatable and easy to vibe with.

The Awaited Return!

This is their seventh return to Canada since their first tour in 2013. With each visit, their Canadian fan base and presence grows! It’s no wonder as they’re not only creative in their approach, but they’re also a fascinating group of guys. To find out more, check out the interview here!

They’ll be hitting the stage at Call The Office this Friday, backed by the talented Jeen and Little Me Little You!


Friday, November 23, 2018
Call The Office, 216 York St, London, ON N6A 1B5
Doors: 8:30PM | Show Starts: 9:00PM | Ages 19+
Featuring: Aestrid, Jeen, Little Me Little You

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