Moore Ave Underground new single makes you want to stand up for what you believe in

REVERB_REVIEWS: Moore Ave Underground “Stand Up” b-side

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After releasing their wildly energetic and uplifting EP, It’s All In My Head, in April of this year, the boys from Moore Ave are back from the underground with a righteous new B-side — “Stand Up”! While political in nature, the subtext of the song’s message seems to reach a bit deeper.

Josh Gaudette, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, mentioned that the song was initially written as a commentary based on the recent controversial actions taken by the Ford Government.

“We recorded it specifically to release after all this Doug Ford drama”, Josh said.

It’s definitely a rally banger loaded with zero-compromise attitude! But, could there be something more to it?

While the lyrics make no specific mention of the actions or parties which inspired the song, Moore Ave Underground’s ambiguous writing style could lead one to believe there’s just a bit more to its meaning. A meaning that could also be applied to us, as individuals, facing adversity on the inside and out.

When there’s that voice inside your head that says, “You can’t,” Moore Ave Underground are by your side to tell you YOU CAN, with unyielding conviction.

Whether it’s in the world, in your community, or within your own self, the song strongly invites you to stand up, refuse the abuse, embrace yourself and uplift those around you as we collectively work towards an improved state of social consciousness. The best part is, however you interpret its message, there’s still something wholesome to take away from it.

From the first bass lick, through the punchy drums, hearty riffs and affirming gang vocals, right down to the last note, “Stand Up” is another example of Moore Ave Underground doing what they do best — inspire the listener with confidence and strength using their trademark vivacity, boundless passion and vision of a better tomorrow.

Released June 23, 2019, the “Stand Up” B-side was produced and engineered by Ryan Izzard at The Music Farm and mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios.

So, crank that volume, take a stand and raise your fist high up in the air — this is definitely a banger for the ages!