Looking Back: Highlights from the LDN_Reverb Re-Launch

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Last Saturday night marked the official re-launch for Reverb’s return! The sounds were awesome, the energy was wild and EVAC was packed as the community came in to show their support. The night was a complete success and everyone had a blast!

Having taken place one week ago, a super huge and long overdue “THANK YOU” goes out to Nostalgic Brightlights (London), Bare Bones (Woodstock), Populusque Romanus (Dorchester) and Flight Of The Songbirds (London) for rocking out, to East Village Arts Collective for being an incredible space to host indie music and YOU, the friends, family, fans and supporters, who came out or wanted to be there!

For those of you new to LDN_Reverb, we’re a community-driven initiative doing our part to make local music more accessible while spreading awareness of  the hardworking musicians that make the scene what it is. I mean, why should musicians have to fight so hard to be heard? Why supply when you can be in demand, am I right!?

Starting as a Facebook page in 2017, it has since developed into a more efficient platform to not only provide attainable coverage, but host events that bring the indie music scene and its networks closer together. Please help and show your support by following us on Facebook and Instagram. The bigger the community, the more ears to #catchthereverb!

Here’s some highlights and memories contributed by the fans and yours truly:

The bands put on amazing performances and have some awesome music! Check out their tunes below!

Until next time,


Ryan Labreche @ LDN_Reverb