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LDN_Reverb Tara ScottAbout Tara Scott

Tara Scott’s been a photographer for over 20 years. Ten years ago, she started her own media company. Sarah Smith was her first big name hire and it snowballed from there. Tara’s been working with Fitzrays, Dustbin Flowers and The Ones Show, to name a few clients. She specializes in live performance events and is considered a social media expert.

She’s always been a small part of the London music scene having covered her first all-age show at Call The Office in a Scene magazine when she was a teenager. She’s a part of the Forest City London Music Awards steering committee and selection committee for eight years now. For the past three years, Tara co produces Fitzrays Indie Wednesday with Jeffy B, an event focused on original music with everything needed to showcase your own music. What’s more, she is also involved with Rockin Wheel, a regional charity for spinal cord research, a charity close to her heart.

Favourite Things

Influences: The Amazing Sarah Smith, the Canadian legend Nick Panaseiko Sr., and My Mom.


  • Made to Last by Dustin Flowers – an amazing Album. I can’t get enough…
  • The Journey by Sarah Smith – if you haven’t heard that entire album you need to.

Q & A

What inspires you to do what you do (music / scene support)?

I always say, “ I love making ‘boss types’ happy”. I want to help create anyone’s vision. If you think it is all easy, I am doing an awesome job. I work with amazing people, bands and venues I believe in. It makes it a dream job.

What’s one thing you like to do before a show?

Not very exciting. I like to be early for set-up and sound checks. The bands I work with do too.

To inquire about bookings or to find out more on Fitzrays Indie Wednesdays, click here.


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