REVERB_REVIEWS: Connor Morand “94 Corolla” single

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Drop that top and crank the sounds because Connor Morand just pulled into town with his new single, “94 Corolla”!

Typically known for his loop-based acoustic sets, Connor Morand is anything but typical when it comes to his craft. He has the ability to expand his range beyond his own conventions, while never losing touch of his vision and passion as a constantly developing musician. Being a crossover track, 94 Corolla cruises down the median between power pop and hip hop, making it a bouncy yet smooth summertime ride!

If you sense an underlying metaphor… there just might be one! While he wants his listeners to draw their own conclusions, Connor Morand does reveal what 94 Corolla means to him.

Inspired by a near-breakup, he describes “hanging on by a moment” as being caught up and consumed by the uncertainty of a lingering situation. “You’re on this metaphorical cliff and could either fall off the edge or find the strength to pick yourself back up”, says the singer-songwriter. “Everyone has had a ’94 Corolla moment’ in their life.”

Connor further explains that the song’s title represents a major turning point or event that plays out in a familiar, almost insignificant space – it could be your car, bedroom, office, kitchen, anywhere.

“We have multiple ’94 Corolla moments’ throughout our lives. I love this idea because it’s so universally understood and relevant”, Connor elaborates. “A 1994 Toyota Corolla isn’t necessarily a glamorous or special place to be. But, considering a big moment in someone’s life, the Corolla isn’t just a car — it’s a symbol of a life that will be forever changed.”

Relatable and appropriately driving, the heart and passion behind this track is enough to fuel us past those lingering moments of uncertainty and continue onward with unleaded determination. So, whether you’re having a ’94 Corolla moment’ of your own or just looking for an upbeat song to take you away, hop in and hit the road with this gem!