HIGHLIGHTS: Laura Gagnon, Kimberly Sunstrum & Letters From Hawthorne delight the audience at The Pickle Social Club

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Monday, September 24 – It was a bustling downtown London Monday evening despite the rain and the dip in temperature. The Fire Roasted Cafe on King Street was filled with vibrant energy as we settled in and turned a quaint little coffee shop into a warm, relaxing haven from the rain.

LDN_Reverb and The Pickle Social Club were very pleased to host the wonderful talents of Laura Gagnon and Kimberly Sunstrum, who made their way from Ottawa, stopping in for their There & Back Tour. We were also joined by the fabulous local singer/songwriter trio, Letters From Hawthorne, who played a powerful performance!

A special thank you to each performer for sharing their craft with us, Paul and Barbara Ann Gagnon for the excellent job providing sound and their voices to the event, Mayoral candidate Vahide Bahramporian for stopping by and showing support for the local music scene, London’s legendary photographer extraordinaire, Mr. John Rowlands, for making an appearance and sharing yet another incredible story of his exploits and, of course, all those who came out to support these fabulous musicians for doing what they love to do.

It was a pleasant and hospitable evening laced with heartfelt performances and community support!

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For pictures and videos of their performances, click here.