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HEVEL are the instru-metal engineers of audible devastation

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The London, Ontario metal berserkers make a triumphant return

London, Ontario’s HEVEL are an instrumental force to be reckoned with. The fearsome quartet will pound your auditory senses into submission with soundscapes of unrelenting fury!

Forming in 2019 by guitarist Matt Brown (guitars), Matt Plumb (guitars), Sam Goving (drums) and Mike Wammes (bass), the band came together on the premise of creating monstrous compositions sans vocals. They’ve unleashed two behemoth EPs to date: the eponymous HEVEL in 2020 and PAWN, releasing in August of this year.

When asked about taking the instrumental approach, guitarist Matt Brown had this to say: “We decided not to have vocals as it allows us to get more creative with songwriting, composition and trying new sounds.

“By not having a vocalist, it forces us to get more creative but also allows listeners to interpret the music for themselves without having lyrics to guide them,” he continues.

In fact, the only speech of any sort present are through haunting samples of the inimitable classic horror film icon, Vincent Price, adding an ominous vibe to the unyielding nature of HEVEL’s music.

To achieve their sound, HEVEL draws inspiration from a broad sample of metal, among other genres. Using doom as a foundation, there are clear inflections of thrash, groove and prog. These elements revolve around strong notions of jazz and ambience, according to Brown.

“HEVEL is like Godzilla raging through your ear holes with indomitable force!”

Each arrangement is an intense showcase of their chemistry and musicianship. Moreover, the compositions fluctuate seamlessly between melodic sections and their rampaging counterparts with ease. No momentum is spared, however. These accents create a sense of sonic cohesion, forging a strong balance amidst the delicate and the devastating.

Now, to say HEVEL is heavy is an abundant understatement. From the rampaging blasts of the drums, to the destructive riffs and rumbling bass, the end result is absolutely pulverizing! But, the solos! Right when you think the music reaches its peak, the solos coming ripping in and it hits the mark! In a nutshell, HEVEL is like Godzilla raging through your ear holes with indomitable force!

Keep in mind, this is based on the ol’ headphones and sound system experience. To get the full effect, hit up Richmond Tavern this Saturday and witness all that is HEVEL live — for the first time in two years! At the event, they’ll be joined by Quiet Mind and Cross The Streams. Smash this link to get event details!